The Zebra Mildliners have gone viral throughout the bullet journal community recently and seem to be a cult favorite. So if you don’t already own them then you’ve probably been asking whether or not you’re missing out (at least that’s what I ask myself every single time I see new stationery. And regardless, every time the answer is yes.)

Zebra Mildliners Review

If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place, because I’m gonna put the Mildliners to the test and help you decide if you wanna grab these.


The Zebra Mildliners are one of the nicest looking pens in my collection. The design is very clean and cute, and the combination of white and pastel colors is a real eye-candy for anyone like me.Zebra-Mildliners-Overview

The Mildliners are dual-ended (which I had no idea about when I first got them because the Fine tip cap is white and blends in with the body), with a highlighter-like Bold tip and a Fine tip.


The Bold tip is approx. 3mm thick and the Fine tip is 1mm.

The ink is waterbased and all the Mildliners are “juicy” enough to get a smooth, consistent color.

And on that note, I’d like to mention that after taking the pictures for this blog post, I forgot to put the caps on one of the Mildliners and only noticed it the following day. To my surprise, the Mildliner hadn’t dried up at all, even after more than 18 hours left uncapped. Which is not something I could say for other markers. So there’s that.


These Mildliners come in 4 packs of 5 colors each:


So let’s break ’em down.

  • Fluorescent  Colors


The ‘Fluorescent Pack’, as the name suggests, is the only one that contains colors resembling ones of highlighters. The Orange, yellow and pink are quite bright and fluorescent, while the blue and blue/green are more pastel (which I love).

  • Warm Color Pack


The colors in this pack remind me of a very cozy Autumn scenery. They may look a bit brighter in the picture, but they’re softer in real life. My #1 favorite from all the Mildliner colors is the ‘smoke blue’.

  • Cool Color Pack


The cool colors are very soft and muted, and I can see myself creating full spreads with each of these.

  • ‘New colors’ Pack

I couldn’t find the actual name of this pack, so I’ll just call it ‘New Colors’ :). These are the brightest of them all, but not too ‘in your face’.

Keep in mind that depending on your screen, the colors might be different than the ones in real life, even though the pictures are unedited.

After seeing the swatches, I think you can tell that they are called “Mildliners” and not “Highlighters” for a reason. They resemble markers much more than regular highlighters, which is actually the reason why I think they are so popular.

So if you’re looking for bright highlighter-like colors, you might wanna stick to the ‘Fluorescent Color’ pack.


I’ve noticed that these Mildliners look a bit different depending on the paper that they’re swatched on, which is obviously true for most drawing supplies.

I’ve compared the way they look on a NUUNA notebook (left) and a Leuchtturm1917 (right). Since NUUNA‘s pages are whiter, thicker and smoother, the colors appear to be more vibrant, whereas on the Leuchtturm they’re softer. This is neither a good or bad thing, just a matter of personal preference. 🙂


Considering the paper thickness difference, it comes as no surprise that we can see little to no ghosting on the NUUNA, and a lot more ghosting plus a tiiiny bit of bleed-through on the Leuchtturm.

However, I’d say that the Mildliners don’t ghost more that any other markers.



I’m always so curious to see if markers smudge the pens underneath, especially since I know that a lot of us use this method to draw quick headers in our Bullet Journals.

Here’s how I did the test: I wrote the name of the liners I was using, waited for the number of seconds indicated below (3 sec / 15 sec) and then went over it with the Mildliner, to see if they smudge.


There wasn’t a noticeable difference between the NUUNA (left) and Leuchtturm (right) in this regard: The Mildliner smudged the pens if they weren’t dry (which, again, is the case for almost all markers). The good news is that there were no smudges after the liners were completely dry.


I also tested how long these take to dry after they are swatched, and this again depended on the paper. On the NUUNA, they dried instantly so there was no smudging after running my finger on top of it. On the Leuchtturm, it takes about 3-4 seconds for them to dry completely.



Dupes! Yes! Who doesn’t love dupes?! Especially if they’re a fraction of the price!

Even though they’re not 100% dupes (neither look-wise nor color-wise), once on paper, you probably couldn’t tell much of a difference.Zebra-Mildliners-Crayola-SuperTips-Overview

The dupes I’m talking about are the Crayola SuperTips markers that I got in a pack of 50 for less than $10. Not kidding.


Even though I tried to find the most similar colors, you can obviously tell that the Crayola SuperTips are more bright and vibrant than the Zebra Mildliners. Some of the colors are spot on, though. 🙂

Honestly, I think the muted colors are the reason why so many people like the Mildliners, but again, it’s a matter of personal preference.


The Crayola SuperTips aren’t dual-ended, but their tip allows you to create both thick and thin lines, very similar in thickness to the Mildliners.

Oh, and the SuperTips also allow you to create calligraphy because the tip is flexible enough to allow thick downstrokes and light upstrokes. 😉 But more on that in another post.


Unlike the Crayola SuperTips, you cannot use the Mildliners for calligraphy. However, the other ways in which you can use them are only limited by your imagination. 🙂

So to get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the ways that I’ve incorporated these beautiful colors in your Bullet Journal:


All my spreads for the month of March were colored with the ‘Smoke Blue’ Mildliner, and I LOVED it. I used the Bold tip to create a border at the top and decorated it, and I used the fine tip for details and for filling in my tracker.


Since the colors are so different from each other, these would also be awesome for using in your color-coding system, which I’ll start doing next month.


You can buy the Zebra Mildliners online, either in packs of 5 or individually, depending on the store. You’ll probably notice not all stores carry the ‘New Colors’ Pack.

Here’s all the stores where you can get the Zebra Mildliners online:

  • Amazon : approx. $7/pack 
  • JetPens : $1.50/pc, $8.25/pack
  • Etsy (where I got mine): approx. $30 for all 4 packs
  • Happie Scrappie (use code ‘HAPPIEBUJO20’ for 20% off, min. $30 purchase): $8.20/pack
  • BricksxCastle (use code ‘MYLIFE10’ for 10% off, free shipping 😉 )

Of course there’s also the shipping cost, depending on where you live.


I think we can all agree the Mildliners are sweet eye-candy stationery, but whether or not they are worth it, I’ll leave it up for you to decide. 🙂

If you already own the Crayola SuperTips, then I don’t think you’re missing out on much by not getting these.

Also, if you’re not into fluorescent highlighter colors then I would obviously skip on the ‘Fluorescent pack’ (even though I really love the blue & green colors from that one).


That’s all for this review, guys! If you already own these or if you end up purchasing, please share your thoughts down below! I always love reading what you guys have to say about the products I review.

Disclaimer: Everything was purchased with my own moolah. Amazon links are affiliate. Read more about these here.