You’ve probably seen a buzz around Mossery planners on Instagram lately. It’s one of those planners that stand out due to their cute designs, unique features, and customization options. Through this review, I hope I can help you decide whether this planner is right for you, so here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • Planner specifications (dimensions, price, etc.)
  • Planner flip-through
  • Customization options (covers, paper)
  • Pen Test
  • Can the Mossery Planner be used as a Bullet Journal?
  • Where to get it
  • Discount code (valid from 11th Feb – 11th Mar 2017)
  • Shipping information

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So if you’re curious what the buzz is all about, keep on reading!



Mossery is a team of thoughtful stationery makers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Founded in 2011, Mossery was born with one dream: to create quality stationery that inspired imaginative individuals around the world to unleash their creativity and express their originality.

Their shop offers Planners, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Greeting Cards and Accessories (Pouches and Stickers).




Before we dive into all the details, let me give you an overview of the planner’s specs:

Dimensions 15 x 20cm | 6 x 7.8in
Cover material Cardstock
Cover customization Name, quote
Paper weight 104gsm
Paper color Ivory-white
Paper options Plain / grid / ruled / weekly
Number of pages 160
Numbered pages
Lays flat when opened
Fold over itself
Elastic closure
Price $18.40 / $21.20 with cover customization

Every Mossery Planner comes with a standard set of pages placed at the beginning of the planner, and they are:

  • Personal details page
  • 7 Pages of Feature Illustrations
  • Two Spreads of ‘Inspiration Boards’
  • Goals & Values page
  • 2017 & 2018 Annual Calendar page
  • Monthly Planners

To see what else comes inside the planner, go to section 2.2!



I know you’re curious about what everything looks like, so here’s a quick flip-through of the first part of the planner:

Mossery Planner - Front Pocket
Mossery Planner – Front Pocket

As someone who always has loose paper & stickers lying around, I greatly appreciate this feature.

Mossery Planner - Personal Information
Mossery Planner – Personal Information

The first page contains a form where you can fill in your personal information. You know, just in case.

Mossery Planner - Important Information
Mossery Planner – Important Information
MosseryPlanner Review - Illustration & Quote
Mossery Planner – Illustration & Quote

The featured illustrations section of this planner is really unique: it has beautiful colors and inspiring quotes.

Mossery Planner - Illustration of Personalities
Mossery Planner – Feature Illustrations

What better way to start off a planner than illustrations of inspiring personalities? Whenever I use this notebook I find myself going back to these pages. It’s like an illustrated history of time. 😀

Mossery Planner Review - Inspiration Board
Mossery Planner – Inspiration Board

There are 4 pages of inspiration boards, where you can collect your favorite things such as quotes, designs, aspirations, ideas, etc.

The prompts at the top of the pages really get the ideas flowing and serve as food for thought, which is something I enjoy.

Mossery Planner Review - Goals & Values
Mossery Planner – Goals & Values

This spread serves as a place for you to reflect on where you see yourself in the future, and to write/doodle about your values and beliefs.

Mossery Planner Review - 2017-2018 Yearly Calendar
Mossery Planner – 2017-2018 Yearly Calendar
Mossery Planner Reviwew - 2016 Recap & 2017 Plan
Mossery Planner – 2016 Recap & 2017 Plan

The next spread consists of a page for 2016 monthly recap, and a page for 2017 quarterly-plan.

Mossery Planner Review - Yearly Overview
Mossery Planner – Yearly Overview

Next, we have a Yearly Overview where you can fill in important dates such as birthdays, holidays, appointments, etc.

Mossery Planner Review - Monthly Calendar
Mossery Planner – Monthly Calendar

Lastly, we have the monthly spreads. They’re clean and simple, just how I like them, with enough space for you to plan & decorate as you wish.

Extra Features:

  • Each Mossery Planner includes a 16-Page Tips and Guide Booklet that serves as inspiration for using the planner

The planner folds over on itself which is something I’m always excited about in a spiral-bound notebook because it makes it easier for me to write on the left side.

Mossery Planner Review - Folded Over
Mossery Planner – Folded Over



The thing that makes Mossery planners stand out is the customization options that are available for the covers and paper. You can easily go through and select your preferences before placing the order on their website.



At the time of writing this post, Mossery offers 25 unique and colorful cover designs. The one that caught my eye the most is the “Black Speckle“, because I love the contrast between the matt black and shiny gold foil.

When customizing the cover you can choose to write your name / quote on it (but there is a character number limit). You can choose between a Sans Serif font, or a Brush Script, so I went with the latter.
Mossery Planner Review - Shipping

The covers are made out of thick & surprisingly sturdy cardstock, and the spirals poke through the side which is a fun detail.

Mossery Planner Review - Cover & Spiral Detail
Mossery Planner – Cover & Spiral Detail

The cover material is sturdy enough for regular use, but I’m not sure how it would wear through taking it in/out of the bag all the time. I’ll have to update you on that, but if I had to take a guess I’d say it will wear nicely with minimal damage.

Mossery Planner Review - Back Cover
Mossery Planner – Back Cover

The design on the back of the cover is as simple and elegant as the front, and I am loving the contrast between the matt black and shiny gold speckle.



All the planners come with the set of spreads mentioned in section 1. As far as the rest of the planner goes, you have the option of choosing between one of the following types of pages:

  • Weekly (horizontal) spreads: 1 week per 2 pages (28th Dec 2016 – 31st Dec 2017)
  • Weekly (vertical) spreads: 1 week per 2 pages (28th Dec 2016 – 31st Dec 2017)
  • Ruled: 112 pages
  • Plain: 112 pages
  • Grid: 112 pages



I think you guys know by now: no review is complete without a proper pen test, so let’s see how the paper holds up to my writing supplies.

Mossery Planner Review - Pen Test
Mossery Planner – Pen Test
Mossery Planner Review- Pen Test (Backside)
Mossery Planner – Pen Test (Backside)

Even though the paper is 104gsm, there is definite ghosting but minimal bleed-through. Depending on your display, you may or may not be able to pick it up from the picture above. I’ve also noticed that if you go over the same spot multiple times, the chance of bleed-throughs increases (as is true for most paper).

The ghosting doesn’t bother most people, but if you’re someone like me who uses a lot of markers (e.g. Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Sakura Koi Coloring Brushes, Zebra Mildliners) and doodles a lot in their planner, then this paper probably isn’t the best for you.



First, let me start off by saying that any notebook can be used as a bullet journal. Now that we got that out of the way, let me say that the Mossery Planner could actually be the perfect combination between a regular planner and a BuJo, and here are a few reasons why:

  • All the Mossery planners come with yearly calendars, yearly overviews, and monthly spreads, so you wouldn’t have to draw them out yourself
  • You have the option of choosing the type of paper you prefer for the rest of the planner (ruled, plain, grid)
  • The planner is compact enough for you to carry around
  • It has an elastic closure and a bookmark

On the other hand, here’s what would be missing from the original format of the bullet journal:

  • There is no option for Dot Grid pages as of yet
  • The pages aren’t numbered
  • There is no Index
  • You are limited to the yearly/monthly spread formats that come with the planner
Remember that Mossery also sells regular notebooks, so you can order one with your choice of paper (ruled, plain or grid) and use as a bullet journal.



The planner is available on the Mossery website. Once you choose a cover design that you like, you will have the options of choosing the paper and cover customizations from drop-down lists, and you’ll have to insert the name personalization and its font.

You can also buy the notebooks in bundles and get postcards or pocket notebooks as freebies.

Whatever you decide to order, don’t forget to use the code “MYLIFE15” for 15% off!


I’m talking about shipping last, because by the time you’re reading this you’ve probably made up your mind whether the planner is right for you. So if you’ve decided to order it, here’s what you should know about shipping:

  • The planner ships worldwide from Kuala Lumpur
  • The shipping costs/time vary depending on your location, but you can calculate that before checkout
  • You should allow 10-15 working days for processing your Custom Name Cover
  • You will receive a tracking number by email
  • Someone will need to be present at your shipping address to receive and sign for the parcel on delivery
Mossery Planner Review - Packaging
Mossery Planner – Packaging

As far as packaging goes, the Mossery team really knows how to take the unboxing experience to the next level. The planner comes packed in a blue & pink cardboard box with a string closure, and it’s bubble-wrapped to make sure it reaches you undamaged. All of this is packed in a bright yellow box that I will be repurposing for storage.



I’ve seen some beautiful & unique planners in my life, and this one is no exception. The Mossery Planner not only inspires you to be organized but also encourages you to be creative, and I think we all need that kind of motivation in our lives. 🙂

It’s versatile and customizable enough to be used not only as a regular planner but also as a bullet journal, sketchbook, or whatever else you might have planned for it! It is carefully thought through, right to its finest details.

Don’t forget to use the code “MYLIFE15” for 15% off your order! 



Disclaimer: Mossery was kind enough to send me this planner free of charge and provide a discount code for you. This does not sway my opinions in any way, and I am not affiliated with their company.