Oh, the weather outside is…  wait, no, we’re not there yet. But time passes by so quickly, I swear I’m gonna blink and it’s gonna be 2017 2018 already.

But let’s get down to business and dive into my November setup! This first spread is the monthly that has been working best for me lately. The calendar layout is easiest for my brain to see what events/tasks happen on which date, and I was still able to fit in the ‘Highlights’, ‘Goals’, ‘Important’, ‘Income & Expenses’ and Tracker sections. Win!

Monthly Layout:

  • Calendar view: I write important events/tasks, holidays, birthdays… you get it.
  • Highlights: in this section I doodle 2-5 things that were memorable about November
  • Goals: things I will try to achieve
  • Monthly tracker: I only track things that are important to me, and that help me get an insight into my personal development during the month. In here, I track my work, social media posts, healthy eathing, workouts, vitamins, etc.


Food & Health

Okay, who else wants to make better choices for their bodies but lacks the motivation? Or maybe we just want to lose the ‘holiday weight’ before we even put it on! ;D Well, hopefully this kind of spread will inspire enough commitment for us to create and stick to a routine.

Here’s what my layout contains and how I use it:

  • Calendar view: I log what I eat in a day, and use a very basic color-coding (green = healthy, orange = not-so-healthy, red = junk food). Simple enough, right? But at the end of the month you can have an overview of your eating habbits at a glance. You could also track calories here, but that’s too much work (maths) for me.
  • Start/end measurements: You might not think you’re making progress during the month, but comparing the start/end measurements can really help!
  • Goals: Anything from drinking more water to working out 3x/week. Think about what you would want to achieve this month and write it down.
  • Workout: Very simple tracker for when/what/how much I’ve exercised (e.g. 30min walk, chest, legs, etc.)
  • Weight chart: I know it’s not all about the numbers… But I still like to track my weight.




Sidekick Setup

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I use a sidekick journal. This is usually a more travel-frienly notebook that you take on the go (in case you don’t carry your main bullet journal everywhere). Mine is just a Traveler’s Notebook insert from Happie Scrappie, that is compact enough for me to take everywhere, and I also use it to ‘store’ things I wouldn’t want to keep in my main BuJo forever – like shopping lists, random brain dumps, etc. Here’s how I’ve set it up this month.

  • Tracker: Yes, this is the same tracker as in my main BuJo. Why do I have it in both? Because sometimes I fill things in while I’m on the go, sometimes I fill it in my BuJo, and this way I make sure I don’t forget anything.
  • All-day/important events/tasks section
  • Expenses: What better way to track expenses than to write them in exactly after you’ve spent the moola? Otherwise I completely forget about it and then I’m left wondering where all my money went… Anways, the sub-sections here are ‘Transportation’ (I commute to work by train), ‘Food’, ‘Essentials’ (and no, no matter how hard you’ll try to convince yourself, stationery is not ‘essentials’), ‘Wants’, and ‘Total’
  • To buy: It’s a pretty small section because I only write down the important things I need to buy
  • Important tasks



Last but not least, I added a Brain Dump spread which has helped me tremendously, and if you haven’t tried it yet, I cannot recommend it enough! I use this spread to write down ANYTHING that comes to my mind, no matter how random and no matter where I am. Still, to avoid complete chaos, I added just a few major sections. I cannot guarantee this will end up looking pretty, but I don’t care – that’s not its purpose.



Alright, let’s briefly talk about supplies, because that’s one of the most FAQ.

Voilla! That’s my November setup, and believe it or not, this is the earliest I’ve ever been with actually making my spreads at the beginning of the month. Hopefully, if you’ve found some good ideas it’s still a good time to add them to your own BuJo.

Happy planning guys, and since we’re so close to the end of the year, let’s make this month count!!