1. What is a Bullet Journal?

There’s no one to describe the system better than the inventor himself:

The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.

– Ryder Carroll

In my own words, I’d say it’s just a notebook where you keep everything you need to function in life: your schedule, your future plans, your memories, your lists, your brain dumps… You name it!

If you wanna find out more, I strongly suggest visiting the official website of the bullet journal.

2. Where did you get your notebook?

The discbound journals that you see in my photos are made by me. Here’s a whole blog post about how you can make your own discbound notebook.

However, recently I’ve started using a notebook from Jane’s Agenda, and I’m absolutely in love with it! The quality is unbeatable. She was also super sweet to give us a discount code, so use ‘MYLIFEINABULLET’ for 10% off her website!

3. What should I include in my Bullet Journal?

If you’ve just started looking into Bullet Journals, chances are you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with all the inspiration and lovely spreads out there. My biggest advice is to start small, but mainly, just START. And don’t worry, I promise you there’s no way to screw it up, because no two Bujos are the same.

To give you some insight, here’s a list of the spreads that I’ve used:

  1. Index
  2. Yearly overview (where I write down important events for each month)
  3. Work tracker (where I track how many hours I’ve worked each day – I need to track this for my job)
  4. Useful Info (I use this for important info I need to remember. You could add phone numbers, postal codes, addresses, or any info that you need to have as reference)
  5. Accounts (here I write my bank account info. You could also use this to keep track of your online accounts, usernames, and passwords – just make sure you keep your BuJo safe!)
  6. Master (If you’re a student, you could use a spread like this to keep important info about your schedule, courses, contact info, etc.)
  7. Formatting (I use this page to write down all the software I use, in case I need to format my PC and need to reinstall all of them)
  8. Serial Keys (this is where I write down all the Serial Key/CD-Keys of my software)
  9. Budget (tracking my income & expenses, monthly/weekly)
  10. Movies to watch
  11. Books to read
  12. Wishlist
  13. Weight tracker
  14. Couch to 5K tracker (running)
  15. Recipe ideas
  16. Instagram/Blog tracker (I track followers & jot down ideas for posts)
  17. Memories spread (I doodle/write about important events that happened and I want to remember forever, like birthday parties, weddings, roadtrips, getting a car (I wish), going to a concert, hitting 5K followers on IG (YAY!), etc.)
  18. Savings spread (I track what I want to save for and how much I’ve saved so far)
  19. Packing Lists (I use these before going on holidays)
  20. Monthly calendars
  21. Weekly spreads