How to – DIY Bullet Journal: Traveler’s Notebooks + Cover

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I made my own DIY Bullet Journal (Traveler’s notebook style)! It only cost me about £1.50/insert and £5/cover.

Follow along with the video tutorial and refer to this post for the shopping list and process breakdown!


I linked similar products if I couldn’t find the exact ones, however I do recommend buying the supplies from your local craft store. If you’re from the UK, I recommend shopping for supplies from Hobbycraft (that’s where I bought everything).

Inserts (notebooks)

Alternative Inserts


I recommend buying the supplies from the craft store.

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How to – DIY Bullet Journal: Traveler’s Notebooks + Cover

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the whole process for making the inserts and cover. Follow along with the video tutorial and refer to this breakdown for the exact measurements.

Keep in mind that the measurements are for A5 size notebook and cover, but you can follow the pattern for any size notebooks you want to make.


  1. Choose paper and print the dot grid on both sides
  2. Fold the pages in half and insert into each other
  3. Cut cover to size (12” x 8.3” / 21 x 14.8 cm) and fold in half
  4. Insert the pages inside the cover and secure with paper clips
  5. Measure holes for the staples (1in / 2.5cm from the top and bottom)
  6. Use a push pin to punch holes in the cover and paper
  7. Insert the staples through the holes and fold them down
  8. Trim down the edges (optional)
  9. Round the corners (optional)


  1. Measure the size of the paper you used for the inserts and add 2.5in / 6cm for the length, and 1in / 2.5cm for the height.
  2. Cut out 2 pieces of material (14.2” x 9.5” / 36 x 23.5cm).
  3. Cut the Heat n Bond sheet to same size as material (14.2” x 9.5” / 36 x 23.5cm).
  4. Iron the Heat n Bond on the wrong side of the material. Peel off the paper backing, place the 2nd piece of material on top and iron together (make sure to protect the surface with another piece of fabric).
  5. Trim the edges for a clean cut and then measure and trim the excess by placing the inserts inside the cover. My finished cover measurements: 13.4” x 9” / 34 x 22.5cm
  6. Make holes for the eyelets (3 at the top, 3 at the bottom and 1 in the center), insert the eyelets and set them with a tool or eyelet pliers.
  7. Round the corners (optional).
  8. Insert the elastic and then insert the notebooks.
  9. Measure and cut out 2 rectangular pieces of material (3.5” x 3/4” – 9 x 2cm) and use the same process to bond together and insert 4 eyelets.
  10. Insert elastic through flap and secure both ends of the elastic closure with a knot inside the notebook.

Boho Berry’s Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal Setup: