DIY Discbound Bullet Journal

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You know, I’m beginning to think there’s no such thing as ‘planner peace’. At least, not a permanent one. Because our lives progress and things change, so our planners/bullet journals must adjust… Ever since I made the switch to discbound, I’ve been asked where I got the different supplies from, and whether you can buy pre-made […]

William Hannah: Notebook Review

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If there’s someone who’s an even bigger stationery addict than me, it must be my boyfriend. I mean, our favorite past time is browsing through stationery stores and trying out pens for the 10th time, just because. And if you’re reading this, then you’re probably one of us. So when I received the William Hannah Notebook package […]

Monthly Setup – November

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Oh, the weather outside is…  wait, no, we’re not there yet. But time passes by so quickly, I swear I’m gonna blink and it’s gonna be 2017 2018 already. But let’s get down to business and dive into my November setup! This first spread is the monthly that has been working best for me lately. The calendar […]

Leuchtturm1917 vs. NUUNA

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… and why I’m making the switch. If you’ve heard of a bullet journal, chances are you’ve heard of a Leuchtturm as well. It’s that notebook with the name nobody can pronounce but everybody loves (except if you’re a Moleskine-loving German, in which case: “Hallo, wie geht’s?”). The Official Bullet Journal itself is made by […]